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Navigating in Organizations. Most organizations are hierarchical, social, political, competitive, and ... frustrating! Get a running head start on the competition and learn what it takes to succeed in this environment. This is the ideal book for college administrators looking for something to send their graduates...probably business or technical into the business / organization world; grandparents or parents looking to help their progeny in the same age group, get a head start...or a kick organizations / businesses; HR professionals who are looking to get new young hires (millennials?) up to speed more quickly. Click here to learn more about and buy the book Navigating in Organizations.
Objective Based Selling - How to sell more material handling equipment (by focusing on the customer instead of the stuff). Sell More at Higher Gross Margins. Learn how to Use open ended questions to get the customer to tell you how to sell them (over 100 specific questions provided) Create customer focused proposals...instead of quotes Conduct “scrum” meetings with multiple decision influencers.. and much more! Excellent information for the business-to-business sales professionals. Click here to learn more about and buy the book Objective Based Selling.
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