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Happy Marriage Principles of Family Life Which Save Your Marriage Before it Starts: (How to Improve Your Marriage and Avoid an Emotionally Destructive Marriage) by Dylan Patterson (Author)
This book about marriage is non-fiction. It combines marriage advice and counseling. The book is an excellent marriage guide. It covers the entire marriage philosophy. If you want to help your children understand the principles of happy family life, then this book will be a wonderful gift.
Communication in Marriage: How to Create an Unbreakable and Meaningful Relationship that Lasts Paperback – by Tyler Green (Author)

Has the passion been completely drained from your marriage?

Are there times when you feel that communication has broken down in your marriage?

Or maybe your marriage is great but you want to take it to whole new level?             

 Then you are in the right place. This book will help you not only restore your relationship but take it to a whole new level. 

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love, that's the challenge. Everyone has difficulty communicating at some stage of their marriage. It is natural and inevitable, but it does not need to define you. With Communication in Marriage, you will be able to better understand the causes and ways to avoid these issues.                                                                                        Inside these pages, you will find the chapters crammed full of information on:

  • How to improve communication in your marriage "Even with a difficult spouse"
  • How to create marriage, which is dominated by trust, love, and respect
  • How to create and sustain passion in your marriage like it was in the beginning of the relationship
  • Why men and women communicate differently
  • Tips on how to improve yourself to be a better spouse
  • And much more...                                                                               I'm sure you will be amazed how changing one's perception, attitude and behavior can aim your marriage in a different direction!                                                  
    Get your copy NOW and improve your marriage today!
Marriage Partners: Workbook Paperback – Large Print, by Dr. Kevin Scott Eggerth (Author)
Marriage Partners Ministry is happy to present Dr. Kevin Eggerth's workbook. Dr. Eggerth's workbook will help you identify the intimate emotional needs of yourself and your spouse. You will also be able to identify the love unwinders that are taking place in your marriage. Dr. Kevin Eggerth created this workbook to be a companion to his book "Romantic Loves Subconscious Secrets."
Happy Marriage Book: Self Help Couple Counseling Book
D If you wish for love & respect in your relationship but, you feel something isn't working and you have many marriage problems, Happy Marriage will help you prevent divorce.Divorce Prevention is a main issue these days. Marriage fighting among high conflict couples, causes unhappy marriage and might lead to divorce.Here are some of the questions you may ask yourself: How to save a marriage? What are the principles for making marriage work? What marriage advice do I need? What is the divorce remedy? Is it possible having lasting marriage? What are the secrets of a happy marriage? At this point you may need marriage help. You can get it by marriage books or marriage counseling. With this self help couple counseling book, you will learn how to reach healthy communication in marriage, bridge the gaps, anger and cumulative misunderstandings. Using this marriage guide book will help you save your marriage.
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